very emollient™ body lotion

When dry skin becomes an itchy, flakey nightmare, it’s time for maximum measures. This intense (some say magical) body lotion is packed with our unique blend of aloe vera, green tea and chamomile extracts, plus a hearty dose of antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids. So potent, it’s clinically shown to provide 24 hours of hydration … Continued

very emollient™ body lotion

A soothing and hypo-allergenic blend of bamboo and aloe extracts, cannabis oil, oatmeal and turmeric deliver intense moisturization and help calm inflammation.


Pure plant oils and all botanical waxes create a rich moisture barrier to protect skin from chafing and irritation while providing rich, petroleum-free hydration.

very emollient™ body lotion

For extremely dry, irritated skin, this rich, creamy lotion made with virgin, unrefined coconut oil, coconut milk and aloe vera instantly provides potent moisture relief.

hawaiian body cream

Packed with nutrient-rich tropical nut oils, this grand-luxe body cream hydrates and nurtures skin for all day softness.

hawaiian body oil

Kukui nut, high in essential fatty acids, works its magic to nourish, hydrate and protect skin from moisture loss while sweet tropical oils douse skin in silky perfection.