Meet the Female Film Crew

April 17, 2017

We’ve teamed up with 5 women who defy clichés, create legacies and are completely unafraid to start a revolution. These Alba Botanica® brand users represent everything we stand for and absolutely believe in doing beautiful in the world.

As the saying goes, if you want anything done, ask a woman 😉  When we decided to tell the stories of 5 incredible women, it came as no surprise that we found ourselves with a tribe of incredible female visionaries, directors, and writers to help bring it all to life. The Do Good. Do Beautiful. videos wouldn’t have been possible without the hard, brilliant work of the female film crew that created and produced this inspiring content. In true Alba Botanica® style, we are giving thanks where thanks are due and bringing these women out from behind the scenes.

Read on to learn more about these awesome women.

Donna Lamar – Wordsmith, Visionary, Creator

Donna has hit the big screen, big time. Her award-winning work takes her all over the globe, and she’s passionate about transcending traditional boundaries in the film industry to tell the stories that mean the most to her. Can you say dream job, much?

Marianne Williams – Cinematographer

To simply call Marianne a visual storyteller would be selling this cinematographer short. She’s above-and-beyond passionate when it comes to visual communication, and has a special place in her heart for lensing stories that have yet to be told.

Lisa Jean-Richard – First Assistant Camera

Lisa set her sights on Hollywood and has never looked back. After earning her BFA in filmmaking, this camera woman worked super hard to earn one of the most important (and coveted) jobs on set. She’s responsible for keeping the camera running, and making sure the image is extra sharp. In a few words, she helps keeps it all in focus.

Jessica Willis – Wordsmith and Creative Architect

Jessica Willis is a storyteller at heart, and she loves to bring her vision to life on screen. She’s partnered with some of the world’s largest brands to craft content that informs and inspires – now how’s that for a day job? Chances are you’ve already seen (and loved!) some of her genius work.

Courtney Cleaver – Wordsmith and Maker

Courtney is an industry veteran! With over a decade of experience, this badass producer and writer has created commercials for leading global brands. And if that didn’t keep her busy enough, she spends her free time working on her first novel – no big deal ;] We can’t wait to read it!

Kelly Mertesdorf – The Brains

Kelly is the extra-strength super glue that holds campaigns and video shoots together. She knows just how to craft extra emotive storytelling, helping her develop kick-ass campaigns for brands she loves. On top of that, this gal has figured out the trick to a work/life balance. Chances are you can catch her hopping into her car and zooming off on an exploratory road trip.

Don’t forget to check out the incredible videos they helped put together! Watch here.

These partnerships were proudly sponsored by Alba Botanica®.