Marguerite Nesteruk: Fashionista Turned Farmer

March 27, 2017

We’ve teamed up with 5 women who defy clichés, create legacies and are completely unafraid to start a revolution. These Alba Botanica® brand users represent everything we stand for and absolutely believe in doing beautiful in the world.

Say hello to Marguerite! She’s a part-time urban farmer, school garden-to-table teacher, and most definitely a badass botanist babe. Born and bred in New York, Marguerite traded in the East Coast for the West after discovering a deep love for plants and nature during a year-long trip to New Zealand. It’s here that she’s put down her roots, and she couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

 This former fashionista now spends her days with kindergarten to 5th graders, teaching them hands-on lessons in their school’s garden. Her kids love to get their hands dirty and experience the incredible reward of seeing something grow from seed to stalk.

 Marguerite believes that once you have a connection with nature, you can go about life in a healthy, intentional way. She says no thanks to anything that doesn’t support sustainable, clean living, and that’s how she likes to #DoGoodDoBeautiful.

Check out her video to see a day in her life:

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