Hawaiian Detox

March 21, 2017

Are you in the know about the effect pollutants have on your skin? Scientists are starting to tune in to the impact exposure to everyday pollution has on the skin, and we want to make sure you have the deets to protect yourself. These pesky impurities from cars and chemicals can cause premature wrinkles, sun-spots and increased redness and inflammation. While it’s impossible to completely stop your gorgeous, porous skin from soaking in all the tiny ickies that accumulate in pores, you can fight impurities using Alba Botanica® skincare products featuring unique ingredients specifically formulated to deep clean and detoxify.

We say it’s time to take a permanent vacation from pesky pollution skin woes and say Aloha! to Alba Botanica® Hawaiian Detox collection. If you’re ready for some powerful anti-pollution extraction action, jump aboard and look no further. These new daily detox solutions will take care of unfriendly pollutants that gunk up pores and wreak chaos on your complexion. 

How do we do it? With a little help from volcanic clay, the Earth’s own detox powerhouse, which is found in each product in the Hawaiian Detox Collection. This natural, mineral-rich substance is prized for its ability to extract, absorb and rid the skin of impurities including dirt and oil that can accumulate in pores and cause complexion chaos.  When skin is properly treated, it looks brighter, smoother and becomes a force of beauty to be reckoned with. Bonus points! The clay’s unique texture polishes away unwanted dead skin cells, too. So, whether you’re running from desk to drinks or ready for a full on spa-sesh on the couch, the whole collection has you covered, day in and day out. 

Take action to protect your skin! Check out Hawaiian Detox Facial Care here or Hawaiian Detox Body Care here and don’t forget that you can also browse our site by any type of skin worry that has you troubled. Beauty Emergency? Break-out blues? We’ve got just the solution for that! Let us show you the way.