FAQ overview



Can I apply for a job opportunity with you?

If you're interested in a possible job opportunity, please visit www.hain-celestial.com/careers/ to view open positions or submit your resume.

Do you have free samples available?

We know, we love free stuff too!  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer samples of products through our website. However, we do encourage our retail partners to place testers in stores so you can try before you buy.

Do you offer products that are not on your web site?

No. All Alba Botanica® products and sizes are featured on our web site.

Do you test your products on animals?

Of course not!  We share your concern that animals not be used to test cosmetics, toiletries and household products. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals, nor do we ask others to do so for us. Furthermore, we require that all our ingredient suppliers meet the same criteria of no animal testing.   

Do your products contain sodium lauryl sulfate?

Some Alba Botanica® surfactant products (shampoos, soaps) contain an alcohol-based sulfate known as sodium coco sulfate. This ingredient was chosen because it is plant-derived, meets our high standard for gentleness and creates a luxurious sudsy lather during use. Multiple organizations, including the consumer advocacy group, Environmental Working Group (EWG), an independent team of toxicologists known as CIR, and the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Science, agree that sodium coco sulfate is a mild and safe ingredient. Sodium coco sulfate is also an approved surfactant under the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients.

Sodium coco sulfate is created from the coconut plant which contains a natural blend of several types of alcohols that can produce sulfates. Coconut alcohol naturally contains lauryl alcohol which is the origin material for sodium lauryl sulfate. For this reason, products made with sodium coco sulfate may contain some amount of naturally occurring sodium lauryl sulfate. Because it is blended with milder surfactants, it is much milder than purified sodium lauryl sulfate.

Alba Botanica® products currently claim to be made without sodium lauryl sulfate. While there is no sodium lauryl sulfate directly added to our products or listed in our ingredient lists, we acknowledge that there may be some amount of sodium lauryl sulfate contained in some of our surfactant products as a constituent of the sodium coco sulfate. For this reason, we believe it is more accurate to remove this claim from our packaging and materials and have begun that process. We also continue to evaluate alternative surfactant ingredients that deliver superior product performance while meeting our high standards for gentleness and safety. 

How can I check on the status of my on-line order?

For questions about your on-line product order, or to check status of an order, please visit the customer service area of our website.

How can I get coupons for your products?

From time to time we offer special promotions for our products.  To make sure you’re among the first to hear about any special offers, as well as new product news, please add your information to our email signup

I own a small business. How can I order your products?

We appreciate your interest in carrying our products.  First, we suggest that you talk with your distributor.  If they are not able to help you, send an email to consumerrelations@hain-celestial.com with your name, business address and volume of products you would like to buy.  We will put you in touch with an appropriate sales representative.

What does it mean that your products contain 100% vegetarian ingredients?

We love our furry (and feathered and scaley and buggy) friends.  For this reason, we never test our products or ingredients on animals.  In addition, our products contain no meat or by-products of animal killing.  We also exclude all cruelly obtained animal ingredients, even if the animal is not killed.  We limit our use of animal products to ingredients that are deposited by and have no future benefit to the animal, such as beeswax. 

What does it mean that your products contain “NO harsh sulfates”?

Sulfates are surfactant ingredients often used in personal care products for their cleansing and lathering properties. Sulfate-based surfactants can be divided into two types:  (1) alcohol-based sulfates and (2) ethoxylate-based sulfates. Ethoxylate-based sulfates are associated with chemical contaminants like 1,4 dioxane and are not used in any Alba Botanica® products. Alcohol-based sulfates can be mild or harsh on the body depending on their origin and degree of purification. We define a “harsh sulfate” as an ethoxylate-based or purified sulfate known to have high skin irritation potential. Some Alba Botanica® surfactant products (body washes, cleansers) contain an alcohol-based sulfate known as sodium coco sulfate. This ingredient was chosen because it is plant-derived, meets our high standard for gentleness and creates a luxurious sudsy lather.

Where can I find the Alba Botanica product I’m looking for?

Please use the store locator on our website to find the closest retailer to you for the product you are trying to find.  Or you can always order product directly from our website by clicking Buy Now or Add To Cart on a product page.

Why did you stop making my favorite product?

We too hate to say goodbye to any of our products.  However, sometimes we have to discontinue a product because its sales are not meeting our thresholds.  We assure you that products are only discontinued after careful review and discussion.  We hope you will find a suitable replacement among our wide range of active products.