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Alba Botanica® Natural Hawaiian Cocktail Body Wash Creamy Piña Colada

SheKnows.com featured the Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Cocktail Body Wash Creamy Piña Colada in the article “Sometimes Mother Nature Knows Best”.


If you're going au naturel, you want the products to work — not just look green and pretty. So many women love the concept of organic but feel that the products leave them feeling a little short. How do Jason's products and others stack up? Read our candid review below...

...When it comes to your skin care routine, luxury brands and creams are often the way to go. But what if you're a natural junkie and really want to put Mother Nature's offerings on your face and hair? Do they really work?...

How to find the right natural beauty goodie

...If you find that you're craving something calm and comforting, get a shower gel like Alba Botanica's Pina Colada Shower Gel, which has a calming active ingredient: aloe. Other calming ingredients include chamomile and oats, which are active ingredients in certain natural products.