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Alba Botanica® Natural Even Advanced Sea Algae Enzyme Scrub

“The Best Natural Products for Earth Day”

Natural beauty has come such a long way since my first introduction to the Rachel Perry makeup I'd play with at health food store All Natural while my mom bought us whatever hippie food we were about to eat. The packaging was divine. But even as a child I could tell the earliest iteration of the brand boasted an un-elegant texture and muddy consistency. I began to associate natural products with health food until 5-10 years ago when BOTH became stunningly, spectacularly appealing to me. Packaged food is positively steeped in sodium and sugar. While I still use many non-natural items, the technology involved with transforming good-for-you ingredients into perfectly pigmented, elegant textures has come such a long way. So much so that after testing these items below, I have to pronounce them among my favorites, in spite of their natural categorization....

... Alba Botanica Sea Enzyme Face Scrub  Uses physical and chemical exfoliants to buff skin to perfection and send flakes the way of Justin Bieber's sparkling reputation. ...

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