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Alba Botanica® Natural Even Advanced Deep Sea Facial Mask

BeautyInTheBag.com featured the Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Deep Sea Facial Mask in the article "There’s A Mask For That: Review of the Best Face Masks".

Just like there’s an app for nearly everything—from luxury travel to finding the perfect hair color—there seems to be a skincare cream for nearly everything—from erasing wrinkles to minimizing pores. But one particular skincare category seems to be the the poor stepsister to its flashier siblings …  and that is masks. Did you know that there’s a mask for just about everything? Recently, we slathered and tested a whole range of great gems. Read on for a few of our favorites: ...

... This Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Deep Sea Facial Mask  is all about equalizing your skin pigmentation—with seaweed. When you apply it as a paste over your skin, it dries quickly but does not irritate the skin. This is recommended for the most sensitive of skins as well. If you use it on oily areas like the T-zone, it dries evenly, and does not leave skin looking shiny. The best part? You can eliminate blackheads with regular use of the mask, and your uneven skin and pigmentation will decrease. We think it’s a great value...