Multi-Purpose Jelly

With beeswax, moisture rich coconut oil and soothing, protective vitamin E, this botanically-based, non-petroleum jelly is perfect as an all-over body moisturizer to soothe skin and protect against irritation.

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Multi-Purpose Jelly


Apply to dry skin areas as needed.


100% Vegetarian. No: Animal Testing, Artificial Colors, Parabens, Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Myreth Sulfate


Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Beeswax, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Tocopherol.

Multi-Purpose Jelly

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Customer Reviews

  • (10/19/14)
    Review by DaisyCakes
    I was slowly replacing all my skin care products that had petroleum and needed something for my raw, red nose that had been ravaged by my allergies. This is more than just a replacement for petroleum jelly: it is an improvement! I use it on my hands every night and anywhere I need extra softness.
  • (6/13/14)
    Review by COS
    I started looking for and using non- toxic products to protect my daughter while she was very ill. I have continued the use of these to this day. I am so glad to have found this again. Thank you.
  • (4/24/13)
    Review by LeftieLady
    i have been buying this for years. It works great and is a good cruelty-free product. My local health-food store used to stock this, but haven't been able to get it.
  • (11/7/12)
    Review by Sam
    I wish they sold this in more stores. It is such an amazing product but its really hard to find. I've had to order my last two online. Not complaining though... its worth it. Such an amazing natural moisturizer. It's the only thing that works on the dry spots on my face and it is so gentle around the eye area. Amazing product!
  • (10/26/12)
    Review by Mia
    I looove this stuff!!!
  • (10/26/12)
    Review by Anna
    This product is AMAZING. The skin around my eyes tends to get pretty dry in the colder months or when I use a certain facial scrub twice a week, and since i've discovered this I started using it around my eyes at nighttime. Wow! The skin around my eyes is no longer dry or tight feeling! I've recommended it to my best friend who also has the same problem as me and it has worked wonders for her as well! I've started using it on other various parts of my body and I'm super impressed. I'll never go without this product as long as I live.
  • (9/7/12)
    Review by muppet american
    love this! i was looking for a cruelty free replacement for V05 hair conditioner (yes, that greasy stuff!) it works just as well on dry, fuzzy ends and to add definition or piecey-ness! start with just a TINY dab, smush it around on your thumbs and fingertips the apply to dry hair ends.
  • (8/13/12)
    Review by Vicki
    I recently developed excema on and around my lips. My dermatologist told me to use only aquaphor in addition to a prescription she gave me. I couldn't handle the idea of using a petroleum product on my face let alone on my mouth and found this instead. It is fantastic, it moisturizes well and really sinks in. It has now become my sole lip product! Thank you Alba!
  • (6/19/12)
    Review by MH
    Un-petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly is AMAZING! I seriously can't even imagine going a single day without using this on one thing or another. It moisturizes and heals every part of my body. Thank you Alba Botanica for a perfect product!!
  • (6/19/12)
    Review by Beth
    The un-petroleum jelly is just one of those products that EVERYONE should have in their bathroom. Similar to Vaseline, it can do almost anything, but it does it with natural ingredients that completely soothe and moisturize any area. Love love LOVE this product... wish it were sold in more stores.
  • (3/17/12)
    Review by CC
    It was suggested I use Vaseline on my dry cracked heals and feet. In search a non toxic alternative I found Alba's Un-petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly. This stuff is amazing! It's effective and absorbs well. After my morning shower I buff my heals with a sanding paddle and apply a small amount of the "Jelly". It's only been three days and my feet look great and the heals are almost heeled.