Face & Body Scrub

It's time for tough love:
This powerful, botanically effective, dual-purpose face and body scrub, with max strength 2% salicylic acid, is tough on backne but gentle enough for daily facial cleansing. Oil-free and formulated with proven zit-zapper Salicylic Acid (naturally derived from Willow Bark Extract) plus ground walnut shell to scrub away oil, dirt and pore-plugging dead skin cells. Help banish breakouts for visibly clearer skin without over-irritation. 80% of testers saw clearer skin throughout the day. Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic.

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Face & Body Scrub


Use to cleanse face, back and other acne-prone areas every time you wash or several times a week for a deep clean. Scrub gently. Rinse thoroughly.


100% Vegetarian. No: Animal Testing, Artificial Colors, Artificial Fragrances, Parabens, Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Myreth Sulfate


Active Ingredients: Salicylic Acid _ 2.0 % Other Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (1), Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Powder , Glycerin, Spiraea Ulmaria Extract, Lens Esculenta (Lentil) Fruit Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Rhizome/Root, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil (2), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil (2), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil (2), Algin, Allantoin, Citric Acid, Panthenol, Cellulose Gum, Sclerotium Gum, Xanthan Gum, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Citral, Limonene, Linalool (1) Certified Organic Ingredient; ((2) Natural Fragrance

Face & Body Scrub

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Customer Reviews

  • (11/10/15)
    Review by RiRi
    Since I've turned 22 I've been having the WORST acne in my life. Even my used to be perfectly smooth chest has been breaking out! Because my skin is EXTREMELY sensitive I refuse to use any products that are not natural. So this product caught my attention because it is 100% vegetarian. I've been using it twice daily and let me say I love it. I love the natural smell (reminds me of ricola) and the texture is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. I do a gentle scrub in the morning when I first wash my face and use it in my daily shower. Like a some of you mentioned it dries my skin out really bad also, so after usage I apply either melon seed oil or 100% natural Shea butter.
  • (9/10/15)
    Review by happy customer
    Ive had acne since i was in 12(i am 16 now) , it wasnt really that bad, it was usually a few pimples , but since i entered high school my forehead got really really bumpy and i would get pimples around my nose and i have had RED BUMPY BACNE. i had mild acne on my face ,So I went to a dermatologist and they gave me pills, washes, foams etc and i would use them and my acne got better but i didnt really wanna use harsh products on my skin plus i stopped taking my pills and my acne again came back ! So , i decided to try something new , i wanted something natural because i didnt wanna use harsh products on my skin anymore... so a few days ago i decide to buy this scrub because of the positive reviews...
    And i have to say that within 2 days of using this product my bacne/face cleared up soooooooo much!!!!! If you are hesitant to buy this product i just suggest you do it! Because its all natural and it works so well on my back!!!Thanks Alba Botanica !!BEST SCRUB IVE USED!!!
  • (9/4/15)
    Review by Mandy
    Absolutely love this product. I don't have horrible skin, but not perfect by any means. What I was using before really wasn't working and as I was getting older I was irritated that my skin wasn't great. So I decided to switch. I figured I would try it. I love it. I now have my teenage son using it too as he is starting to get breakouts. I can tell when he has actually washed his skin with this product and when he hasn't. All the stores around me haven't had it in stock, so I am panicking. Good thing I can buy it online. Love, Love, Love it! So worth the try.
  • (8/31/15)
    Review by Evy
    I'm 30 years old and couldn't find anything to control my hormonal acne. Until now, can't believe I saw a difference after one use. I will be recommending this product to all my friends. Thanks Alba!!!
  • (6/11/15)
    Review by Just cause
    I'm 14 and I've had light to mild acne since I was 12 I've struggled to keep it under control until i saw this was getting great reviews I decided to give it a go and try it out I'm seeing a difference in my face the pimples are shrinking and I have smooth skin and it's as soft as a baby's butt I love this product genius and its 100% vegetarian which I like a lot
  • (6/8/15)
    Review by A
    where would i be without this scrub? probably at the dermatologist using harsh products on my sensitive skin to help treat my breakouts. but no, i do not have to see the doctor because instead i found this! as someone who only uses products not tested on animals, i was soo thankful to come across a (relatively) inexpensive face wash that will actually help treat my breakouts and blemishes (added plus that it is made with all natural ingredients)!
    this stuff is a miracle worker. when i first bought this i washed my face with this at night and by the time i woke up the next morning, my breakouts had improved by 50% and i didn't get any new spots! after having used this for a little while now, i know i can never go back to any other product or brand. nothing can compare. i was a bit nervous at first as i have pretty sensitive skin and this is strong enough for both body and face, but there is nothing to worry about! this scrub will not irritate facial skin but will totally clear up any acne you may have and leave your skin looking and feeling absolutely amazing. thank you alba botanica!!!!!
  • (3/4/15)
    Review by Never turning back
    I'm 20 years old and have not had clear skin since middle school. Everything thing I try works for about a month and then stops getting rid of new pimples. I've been using this scrub for over three months and I absolutely love it! I smells great and is gentle but keeps my skin clear! I don't have to worry about new pimples popping up and if they do, they're gone in two days anyway! I will never go back to anything other than alba products! I love that they're natural but still powerful! I'm very active with running and working out so my back and face often breakout from sweat but that isn't an issue anymore! I can wear make up and not worry about breaking out afterwards. This product is amazing! Thank you Alba!!!!!
  • (12/31/14)
    Review by Catherine
    I am 30yrs. old and have used Proactive Deep Cleansing Wash for several years. Through research I found out that even though my skin was clear the product was not good at all for my skin. I was so used to my routine that I was nervous to try another face wash. I tried this wash and the results for me personally have been better than Proactiv!! My skin is so clear and healthy looking!! My family has even noticed a difference!! This product has been a lifesaver!! Thank you SO MUCH Alba Botanical!! I hope you will ALWAYS continue to make this product!!
  • (7/31/14)
    Review by bbbbbbb
    This stuff is amazing! I normally don't write product reviews but this was so good I had to. I suffer from severe acne, often cystic, but more than anything else just a whole bunch of whiteheads. Started using this like 5 days ago and literally I can see only one whitehead. A painful zit started forming yesterday, I thought it was going to be huge and last forever like usual, but it came to a tiny head today and is now just healing. Normally I get really bad breakouts right before my period (which would be now) but I can hardly believe my skin is actually clearing up! I will definitely keep using this. My skin is also usually dry and sensitive and I've been using this once every day and my skin is not even dry. Smells good and you get a lot for your buck.
  • (7/28/14)
    Review by Cosmic
    I found this product from one of the blogger I follow on Youtube, and she recommended it. I've tried so many products and nothing worked so, I was a little skeptical but nevertheless, I bought it. This product and the Hawaiian facial cleanser are both FkN amazing!!!!! You have no idea how happy I am with the result. It even worked on my brother, his face acne has cleared up, I just couldn't believe it! Proactive and other products got nothing on this!!
  • (7/22/14)
    Review by Taylor
    I love scrubs because the exfoliation softens my skin and my seems to clean better than average washes. This scrub in particular is effective because of the micro beads which are smaller than the average beads in scrubs. The wash also foams - meaning a little goes a long way. The smell isn't quite that pleasant but nothing to complain about. The only downside is that its drying out my skin. I may switch to using this only at night and using the Even line milk cleanser in the mornings.
  • (7/8/14)
    Review by Stormy
    I've been struggling with really bad acne the past few months, like huge break out every two or three days, I've tried a bunch of different products, but this scrub is by far the best. I use it everyday, twice a day. My skin has never felt so clean, and so clear. I have really oily skin and it helps a lot with that. I would recommend this product to anybody and everybody.
  • (7/7/14)
    Review by Catrina
    This product works well. It is gentle enough to use both in the morning and at night. The scrub gets rid of dead skin and leaves my face feeling nice and smooth. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to clear up mild acne and keep their face refreshed. I probably will purchase again. Although it is much cheaper at walmart.
  • (6/30/14)
    Review by Viri
    The best scrub ever for face and body . It does not leave no residue, I use it every day as a body wash and face wash it helps remove my face makeup. And it's not expensive.
  • (6/26/14)
    Review by Er
    I have been having terrible break outs for years, this year has been the worst for me. I have been using this for only a week and I notice a major different. I'm so happy. If you struggle with acne.. give this a try!!!
  • (6/21/14)
    Review by Doreen
    I had struggled to get my acne under control for over 15 years. I have tried every product and many prescription medications .... All have not helped. This product caught my eye in the store because of its 100% natural ingredients. I thought why not try this - and within 3 days my face and back were clear with no irritation to my skin. I have been using it ever since and LOVE IT!!! I now use there other products for my face and body and every one has been amazing. Thank you Alba for producing an all natural product with superior quality and results!
  • (5/24/14)
    Review by Anna
    This product leave my skin so soft and removes the dead skin cells. I love the little particles, its a perfect texture! I tried this product our of curiosity because I love natural remedies and have had acne pop up more recently and I'm desperately trying to get rid of it and the scars it is leaving. Today is my second day using it, and i've seen improvement already. I recommend this product!
  • (2/12/14)
    Review by Amira
    I do love this product. i have oily and senstive skin, this product does take care of the oily part, but is drying my skin out. it is a bit harsh on my skin, but no break outs just drying my skin. i will have to find a mild version.
  • (9/27/13)
    Review by Penny
    The very best acne product I have ever USED!!!!! Please don't stop making this product!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
  • (9/27/13)
    Review by J
    As I'm turning 30 very soon, I realized it was time to start taking my skin care a bit more seriously. I dutifully went out and bought natural scrubs, cleanser and moisturizers, as well as night cream and eye cream. The first scrub that I bought was from the Say Yes To...line. The exfoliating particles in that product are huge (bamboo), and although the product has Salicylic Acid, it didn't seem to do much. Also, although the scent wasn't awful, it wasn't something terribly pleasant either--sort of a "earthy" smell.

    For about a quarter of the price per ounce, ACNEdote scrub has perfectly-sized exfoliating particles, the addition of witch hazel extract (which surprisingly, has made a much bigger difference than I would have thought) and a nice foaming action. For an added bonus, the bergamot scent is lovely (not sure where people are finding a peppermint scented version).

    My skin is smoother and my acne (primarily face and back) is starting to clear up in the first week. I will definitely buy this again.
  • (7/29/13)
    Review by Hazel
    I've been looking for a good exfoliating face wash since proactive just gets to be so expensive. Well let me say this product does just as well if not better!! I have a hard time finding something for acne as well as something exfoliating which is very important for me. My skin needs the exfoliation or else my acne gets real bad. Usually I don't have positive results with salicylic acid but this is Awsome! Love this line doesn't have harsh chemicals which I'm sensitive to and leaves my face feeling so clean I don't even want to put anything on. Don't stop making this product line ever. But do try coming up with an SPF.
  • (6/6/13)
    Review by Rebekah
    I bought this product two weeks ago and have held off giving a review until I really saw results. I have to say that my skin is clearer right now than it has ever been in my adult life. I never really broke out as a teenager but since my early 20's my skin has been a constant issue. It's sensitive, it's oily, and prone to redness and acne so bad that sometimes it literally hurt to touch my skin. Using this product, in combination with plain old Badger Balm face oil as a moisturizer has completely cleared my skin in a matter of weeks, as in I have zero blemishes left. In the past seven years I have tried EVERYTHING, and this is the only thing that has worked for me. It smells good, is non-irritating to my sensitive skin, isn't drying, and it works. I would recommend this product to anyone dealing with acne.
  • (5/24/13)
    Review by Sarah
    My seasonal job involves working outside in the hot, humid weather for hours and as a result I sometimes get breakouts on my back, chest, etc. I am trying to replace my skincare and bathing items with all natural products, so I decided to try this. It's great! I was a bit alarmed that it was dark brown, but it smells and feels nice, and seems to be making a difference. If you use it in the bathtub it does sometime leave bits of the exfoliating grains behind after draining the tub - but it was a telltale giveaway that my fiancee had been using it too!
  • (5/19/13)
    Review by HColista
    For over a year I have been struggling with painful and emotionally debilitating acne. It was SIGNIFICANTLY worse than what I had at 13. It seriously wrecked my confidence and it was incredibly painful. I tried everything...even $60 "miracle" serum. I was at Whole Foods picking up some scrub and they were out of the one I usually get. I was desperate so tried this because it was on sale. I used it for ONE day and saw a difference. My skin hasn't looked this good in years. Since I started using it, I have had very few zits...I didn't even get a break out during 'my time of the month'. I feel amazing! I feel like a brand new me!
  • (3/27/13)
    Review by amie
    i'm 26 years old and i have tried every product you can imagine since i was 12 (including proactiv). this line of acnedote products is amazing. i use the astringent and lotion as well and have never been happier. besides completely getting rid of my acne it helps reduce redness and heal my scars and my skin tone is more even!
  • (3/23/13)
    Review by Bree
    I've struggled with light to moderate acne for about twelve years. I've seen dermatologists, taken prescriptions, applied ointments, and I've used just about every drug store product as well as Proactiv, and after none of those worked, I finally decided to try something natural. I am so thankful I did! AcneDote's Face and Body Scrub is absolutely amazing. I felt a significant difference in my skin on day one, and started seeing huge results after just three days. Combined with diluted tea tree oil as my toner, this will become part of my regular wash routine for life! Thank you!
  • (3/18/13)
    Review by Megan
    I absolutely love this scrub. I was very upset to see the Rainforest Scrub was no longer on the shelf, however, this was a great replacement. In fact, it was the last bottle! I love it so please do not take this one away as well! Thank you!
  • (3/16/13)
    Review by samantha2113
    Best acne face scrub I have ever used!! I RECOMMEND :)
  • (2/17/13)
    Review by erika
    i love this stuff. don't ever stop making it please!! customer for life!
  • (2/16/13)
    Review by 101
  • (12/24/12)
    Review by Andrew
    Lathers up great, fine particles in scrub are not too gentle and not too harsh, just right. Nice peppermint smell, doesn't overdry your skin. I was using Neutrogena clear body scrub with a washcloth. The Neutrogena body scrub was too harsh and made my skin break out. I use the Alba scrub on my chest and back and it works great. I also use a 10% benzoyl peroxide preparation afterwards if I need it. Overall a great product. THANKS ALBA!
  • (8/20/12)
    Review by Farah
    This is the only product that's helped my back and chest acne. Please don't ever stop making it!
  • (8/18/12)
    Review by Deborah
    I bought this product today after reading all of the rave reviews, and I just used it for the first time... I really am so impressed! I immediately noticed that my skin felt softer and looked more vibrant with less redness. Since then my pores look smaller and my face just looks better. Can't wait to see what will happen with continued use. Best part -- it's cruelty free! :D
  • (8/18/12)
    Review by Jim
    I'm a 25 yrs old male. This is the best product I've ever tried for back acne.... Love it!! along with an exfoliating glove, perfect combo.
  • (7/30/12)
    Review by bevy
    im a 30 year old woman and nothing ever work, i tryed alba face/body acne and i love love this face/body acne wash, i have bad body acne and my back has cleared up in a week. from now on im only going use alba products. love how its animal friendly and vegetarian. thank you so much
  • (7/10/12)
    Review by Brandon
    This product is great! An acne product that actually works and doesn't dry out your skin!
  • (7/5/12)
    Review by LO
    I've had terrible back acne for years...I have used plenty of products but my curiosity just led me to try this one..I must say I've been using the scrub for 2 mths & it is working more & more everyday....Thanks Alba
  • (7/2/12)
    Review by Brooke
    I've suffered with acne on my back for over a decade. Washes and creams prescribed by dermatologists never worked. I resigned myself to always choosing tops that offered good back coverage. However, I began using this product about 3 months ago and have seen a tremendous improvement. I notice that if I go a few days without it, the pimples start to show again. This scrub will definitely remain a product in my beauty routine. I just started using it on my face, too, so I will see how that goes. Hopefully, it has the same effect! Love this stuff!!
  • (6/21/12)
    Review by Lakeda
    I love it!!
  • (6/19/12)
    Review by McKenzie
    I've always had acne problems on my combination skin and this works wonders on my face! It feels absolutely amazing to finally have clear skin. After I wash my face it feels refreshed and completely clean. I like to put a dollop of it into my palm and run some warm water over it, and then rub my hands together so it gets sudsy like soap, and then put it on my face - that helps so it doesn't feel like I'm scrubbing my face. It's a good price for the amount you get in the bottle and it doesn't test on animals = awesome! Thank you!!!
  • (6/18/12)
    Review by Kristen
    I'm 23 years old and have suffered from acne for years. I tried everything from antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist to trying every face wash on the shelf, I never had results with either, until I started using this face wash. I love the texture beads in it, it's how I know the dirt and grim are being cleaned out from my pores. I use this product on my back and saw results the next day. I recommend this product to every one I know with acne and will keep buying it as long as it keeps working!
  • (5/13/12)
    Review by Kathleen
    I usually never ever write reviews but ive had "bacne" for so long and ive tried every product out there and having any type if ance no matter how clean you know you are you feel dirty and im only 20 years old and i wanna show my back without ance all over it i bought this product figuring oh why not cant hurt and i have sensitive skin so having this product be all natural is a super big plus the first time i used it there was no dramatic change but my skin was super soft and way less red and irritated the second time i look at my back later on that nite and it was so much clearer and the scars were less noticable my skin just felt so good i can only imagine what the outcome will be in the long run im so happy i found a product like this and i plan to use this product for as long as possible!!:)
  • (5/7/12)
    Review by Sarah
    I love this product!
  • (5/1/12)
    Review by Caroline
    Made my skin so clear! Right after first use noticed reduced redness in pimples and with daily use pimples clear up within 2-3 days of use
  • (4/10/12)
    Review by james
    this is a really good product better than anything else on the market, you see changes through out your skin within minutes of using the product
  • (4/2/12)
    Review by kb
    This is the best stuff I have ever tried. I have really oily skin and have tried everything for acne. I have been having breakouts lately not large one but the acne are the large red bumps that hurt and never come to a head. I used this stuff and within 48 hours my face was clear. I have never been more happy with a product. I was scared at first because most scrubs make my face breakout worse but it didn't. It is not that expensive compared to other name brand acne treatments and it works better also!!! I would give it my 110% recommendation for anyone to try it.
  • (3/29/12)
    Review by Michael
    Just love this products
  • (3/23/12)
    Review by katethegreat
    I love this stuff! I have oily skin naturally and I had a hard time finding face wash that worked for me. I love this stuff, its a little bit more then I want to spend but it works!!!! acne is doing much better after!!!!!!
  • (2/27/12)
    Review by Riss
    I have very oily skin that is prone to breaking out. I have tried tons of face products and nothing has worked a well as this product on my skin. It is also all natural and smells nice
  • (2/24/12)
    Review by HD23
    I've been dealing with mild facial acne since I can remember. I've tried so many different acne products and none of them would work. I got fed up with my last trial of products not working and I saw this in Walmart and decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did! I use the scrub, astringent and the lotion. It's cleared up my acne and I don't break out as much as I normally did. I still break out occasionally but not nearly as bad as I used to. i love how clean my face feels after I wash it too. Give it a try!
  • (2/5/12)
    Review by Abby
    From the first day, I loved it. Though it did look weird and ewwy at first but beauty isn't always beautiful, right. It made my skin feel clean and soft and not all red and ew. It smelled nice and felt like it was working. It did, indeed, work. It got most, if not all, the acne gone. I totally love it and want more soon. I truly think people should buy it. I mean it doesn't cost tons and its worth the try and money. Like seriously.. Get. It.
  • (2/4/12)
    Review by Ashley
    I tried the face and body scrub and noticed a difference with in 20min. That evening ten hours later I continued to notice an improvement. I look forward to trying more products by alba. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!! Finaly a product that is what it says and affordable!
  • (1/28/12)
    Review by EmmieeJay
    I used this ONCE... yes ONCE... and my skin instantly felt smoother... an amazing clean feeling! That feeling they speak of in all the commercials? It actually exists!!! MUST TRY THIS PRODUCT! I have never, in my life, ever gasped out in the middle of taking a shower because of a body wash... AMAZING!
  • (1/24/12)
    Review by Kasey
    I can't say enough nice things about this. This is the first time I have used a facial cleanser that was all natural and I love it! It leaves my skin feeling clean and it smell great. I use this in combination with a prescription from my dermatologist and for the most part it keeps the acne at bay. I will never go back to a non-natural cleanser. Thanks Alba!
  • (1/23/12)
    Review by ChB
    I use this product once daily (at night) to exfoliate and cleanse, alternating with another gentle cleanser to avoid abrasion. It works for me; scrubbing away the dead, oily skin cells and treating the acne at the same time. It's a staple for me now.
  • (1/22/12)
    Review by Rachel
    I LOVE this scrub! I was looking for a good facial and body scrub and tried using this acne line 4 days ago. I use the cream wash in the morning and the scrub at night, so far so good! It exfoliates like there is no tomorrow! Very gentle but effective! My skin feels softer, smoother, and the skin tone has improved as well! As I stated in a review for the cream wash, I have had acne since I was about 14 and am 26 now so finally finding a product that gives me such quick results, 4 days, is amazing. Not to mention the fact that it is natural, cruelty free, and 100% vegetarian! I could not ask for more. I also use this on my back and arms and it seems to be working. I cannot wait to see how much improvement I get in 8 days! I look forward to coming home at night, after wearing makeup all day, and gently scrubbing away the day's dirt from my face with this scrub, LOVE IT!
  • (1/22/12)
    Review by Amber
    I've been waiting and waiting for a natural personal care company to make a body cleanser similar to Neutrogena's so we could have the benefits without the crud! And this is it! It smells and feels awesome. While it certainly hasn't cured anything overnight, I've noticed a significant decrease in breakouts on my back and chest. I also use this on my face in the shower, and while after a few weeks my breakouts haven't completely stopped, on my face too they have lessened considerably. Not to mention, the general look of my complexion is better is so much better. I will never go without this stuff again, as long is it continues to be offered!
  • (1/17/12)
    Review by
    A friend at camp had some, and I used a little. WOW! It was amazing! I saw improvement within a few hours! Unfortunantly, camp ended, and I forgot about it. A few months later in the store, I saw it and remembered how good it was. I bought it, and have been using it ever since. It feels sooooo good going on, and it smells pretty good too :) I use it a few times a week on my face and back, and it's working wonders! I'd reccomend this to anyone suffering from acne! (BTW, if you're looking for it in stores, Target and Walmart both carry it, but Walmart is $2 cheaper!!!)
  • (1/1/12)
    Review by Kaybob11
    After using this product one time i had already noticed a difference in my skin. This is definatly something to recomend to a friend. The only thing that bugs me is the smell,
    But that is just a personal opinion. Over all it's an amazing product and does wonders for skin!!